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Compatible with AES67 standard, DAN-AMP-2ch is a simple plug and play 71W PoE Dante™ Ultimo chipset built-in audio DSP amplifiers with a singleRJ45 connection to receive digital audio signals from the Dante™ network and PSE compliant power over Ethernet up to 90W IEEE 802.3af/at/bt Type4 (PoE/PoE+/PoE++) for DAN-AMP-2ch.

- Dante™ Ultimo insides with hi performance Class D Audio DSP Amplifier
- DAN-AMP-2ch - Config Tool software to configure audio DSP
- DAN-AMP-2ch - Config Tool “Find-me” ping signal for easy location identification
- Audio DSP provides up to 5 sets of PEQ setting for each channel
- Supports Dante™ Domain Manger and AES67 compliant
- Fully protection with OTP, OTP, OVP, Auto Recovery and Surge Protection

- Maximum supports 35.5Wx2@8Ω or PBTL mode for 71W@4Ω
- Built in Audio DSP for Volume, PEQ, Filter and Input Gain controls
- 2 sets two pins Euro-block Speaker output
- Crosstalk in stereo mode: ~ - 64 dB
- Dante™ Receiver as the audio input
- Signal Noise Ratio: ~ 93 dB
- THD + N (full power): <0.5%
- Measure size: 90 (W) x 90(D) mm


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